Zeeland Food Services, Inc®, maker of Zoye® Premium Vegetable Oil, is dedicated to delivering superior customer service. We offer unsurpassed variety and comprehensive support to help fill all of your merchandising and food services needs.

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High Oleic

An all-purpose frying oil, Zoye® High Oleic is cholesterol and trans-fat free. Longest-lasting oil with extended fry life.

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Liquid Margarine

Zoye® Liquid Margarine can be used for grilling, dipping, cooking, seasoning and sautéing.

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Creamy Fry

Used for everyday frying applications, Creamy Frying and Cooking oil is cholesterol free with no trans fat. Non-GMO available by request.

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Pan & Grill

A healthier liquid butter alternative, Zoye® Pan & Grill can be used for grilling, salads, cooking, soups, sauces, sautéing, baking and toast.

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Seasoned with sea salt and natural butter flavors, Zoye® But-R-Lite is a healthier liquid butter alternative.

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Everyday Fry

Used for cooking and light frying, Everyday Fry is available in non-GMO upon request.